Classes vs Workshops

What is a Workshop?
A workshop is a session that works on reinforcing and expanding the concepts you already know at that program. On a given night the content varies, typically based on what the dancers want to work on. For example, one week the Plus workshop might spend a little time reviewing "Relay the Deucey" or "Crossfire", while the Advanced Workshop takes a closer look at on "All 8" figures, or the Challenge I Workshop might work on those pesky "Magic", "Siamese" and "Phantom" Calls or whatever our dancers ask for in review. Or, if no one has any particular requests, it might look a lot like a dance or focus on whatever trouble spots present themselves on club nights or at Saturday dances throughout the year.

While we'd love to see you every week, workshops are not classes that build from week to week with new content, and you do not have to attend every one to have a successful workshop experience. That said, our callers are always working to help you hone your skills, build your confidence on the floor, and help to avoid common errors our Callers might encounter elsewhere in their travels so you can be prepared for dancing any floor - anywhere. Each week will have a specific focus that might just help with that bug-a-boo call that's recently given you grief. You never know!

What is a Regular Class?
Each class night builds on the previous class night. We can usually bring people up to speed if they miss the first, and maybe the second night of class, but joining a class that is already in progress after that is not recommended if you have no prior square dance experience. While we ask that students make every effort to attend all classes, we realize that life sometimes interferes. So, given a good effort on your part, we'll certainly accomodate you if you absolutely have to miss an evening once in a while.